The first App arrives App Store

The GigCrasher made it. It is available in the App Store under You could think, this would be the end of a story, but it seems the story had just begun. Unfortunately it started other than planned with some trouble, so I had to create a new version with a bugfix, which is right now waiting for the review by apple. As a bonus there are also new features included, namely facebook and twitter integration. The danger lies in devastating reviews in the app store, which can ruin your app forever. so you have to take an unplanned night shift.

But I was really surprised by some users living in the united states or in switzerland. I thought it would take longer to have users from other countries and outside my circle of acquaintances trying out my app. I see this as an incentive to steadily enhance the app. On tuesday I’m going to meet with a friend of mine for discussing a GigCrasher version for webOS. It would be great, to have the service available for other platforms, too. webOS does seem to be a lot smaller than the iPhone market, maybe this would be a chance to become a major player on one platform. There are also the first requests for a android version. Now is the question, what direction should be taken? New features for the iPhone or expansion to new platforms? Android and a webapp integrated in facebook do look as the most interesting things I could do, if you think about the technologies I could explore. I have the dim feeling, the near future will be more stressful than the last few weeks. There are also other projects which need their time after all.

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