Impressions CeBIT

Last week I visited the CeBIT exhibition in Hannover. I was there for the last 2 days, friday and saturday, luckily I had tickets for “free”.
The first event I attended was a speech on ways and services to use facebook for commerce. It was held by a company dot.Source and it was quite interesting. During the 20 minutes the lecturer gave a summary about ways to connect something like an online shop with facebook and harness the power of the social graphs of the individual user. I wasn’t aware about most the examples he gave but they showed up as some good starting points for digging deeper into this field. All of those services gave me the impression, that spikee (a project by some friends and me, right now in stealth mode) is on the right direction.

The rest of the day was filled with wandering through the halls and wondering about all those small asian companies selling the same mice, head phones and 3d glasses, next to manufacturers of glassesless 3d displays. There was one company exposing some speakers, demonstrating the sound (or should I say maximum volume?) with some old german summer hit:

I passed this booth several times, everytime with this song in my ears. If I had my booth next to this company I would have gone crazy.

Saturday I attended the CeBIT AppZone conference. I managed to see 3 keynotes, at first Sascha Lobo. He is a famous german blogger, known for his fancy hair style. In his keynote he talked about the iOS walled garden and the openness of android and why he thinks, openness in form of HTML5 will win this battle. He made some good points which enforced me to take a deeper look in android development.

Direct following was a keynote by the intel employee Peter Biddle in which he gave an introduction to the intel AppUp program. As far as I understood it’s an initiative to provide tools for platform independent apps. It was nice to see, but nothing which changes my mind.

The third and last keynote I attended was performed by Gustav Söderström, the vice president for products at Spotify. He presented the spotify application, which is basically some kind of subscription service for music, unfortunately not available in germany right now. Really impressing was the incorporation of social functions into spotify with shared playlists, dynamical playlists out of facebook walls etc.. He communicated the passion for music very well.

I left the conference after this keynote and went to meet my friends at the StarCraft II final of the intel extreme masters world championship, which was also being held at CeBIT. Although I don’t know much about the game it was fun to watch them play.

In my opinion CeBIT is only interesting if you know upfront what you want to see there. Walking through all the halls with the same stuff over and over can be very annoying. So I would give you the advice for next year: Take a look into the program and search for events you might like. If you find some, than go there. If you are only interested in new technology you better stay at home and watch some newscasts about it.

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