Beside my work as a software engineer I have some personal projects I work on just for fun and exercise. Often these originate in a specific need I have or an idea for a useful piece of software. These projects allow me to use new techniques, APIs and platforms without the pressure of a specific due time. This often leads to a deeper understanding and more knowledge about the used tools than using these in a time critical project.

  • LED Arcade table: A living room table with old arcade games
  • High striker: High striker played with a smart phone
  • GigCrasher: A service for recommendation of events
  • Spikee: A social marketing platform for facebook (not yet described)
  • Spreadster: A service for create and manage mailing lists easily (not yet described)
  • Rez: A website for creating individual advent calendars (not yet described)
  • I’m my music: A portrait of me consisting of cd covers

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